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By 2055 Dr Rowly Adisa had been working as a space mechanic for 30 years. As technology advanced his skills became outdated. So Rowly decided to become a Space Junker tasked with cleaning up space trash. Since the job of Space Junker does not pay very well, Rowly began to collect and smuggle interesting items back to Earth. Rowly is fond of the age old saying “One person’s junk is another’s treasure”.

It all started when…

In the early 2000’s the people of the world struggled with the failing health of our planet’s climate.

An international think tank was formed called The Global Good. The TGG brought together the world’s top leaders to come up with a plan to deal with rapidly growing landfills and improve the health of Earth.

All countries and peoples worked together like never before to tackle the most important issues the people of our small green and blue planet had ever faced. In their haste to eliminate waste it was decided that outer space would be Earth’s new landfill. By the year 2025 a system was in place to convey all of the planet’s waste into deep space. The waste was placed far enough from Earth to not cause any new problems. It was strategically placed so it would work its way into the Sun where it would be harmlessly consumed in time.

Thanks to the nearly universal cooperation of all the people’s of Earth, the world wide cleanup project was a success. The program was expanded to clean up older landfills and sending the waste into space. The Earth now enjoyed clean soil, water and air at a relatively low cost.

A new spirit of global cooperation emerged. This new world view and the new efficiencies provided by emerging technologies created a prosperous and happy existence for nearly all of Earth.

Several decades pass with the plan to protect the planet working largely as intended. Like any system, there were occasional challenges to overcome. The vehicles that conveyed the waste to space required constant upkeep and replacement. Also, the waste convoys didn’t always head towards the Sun as expected. Over time these problems were more or less worked out and waste removal became the largest single industry benefiting most of the countries of Earth. Unemployment was now a thing only known to history.

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