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All the Cats!

Cats are lovable, Cats are trouble!  Avoid the Cats as you race through the Maze picking up letters.

Cats love mice and Word Mouse is no exception.  You'll never look at Cats online the same way again!

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The Maze holds many Surprises!

Mice know about Mazes.  Mice know about Cats!  But do mice khow about Earthquakes!  Twisters!  Fire!  As Word Mouse runs for its life from the Cats, he must avoid a barrage of special surprises!  

Be careful out there Word Mouse!

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How Many Levels Can You Get?

Some surprises are helpful - like Health Boosts - and some will set you back - like Ghost Cats!

Word Mouse starts out at a nice comfortable pace on the 1st level so you can get your Mouse Legs and learn how to outrun - or outsmart - the Cats.  But starting at Level 2 the speed picks up making Word Mouse a formidable challenge!  

Each time you play is a unique experience.  Word Mouse is hours of fun and challenge!


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